Krisis and Katastrophe

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Thursday 6th October. Sala Albert Calsamiglia

9:00-9:30hPresentationCarlos Casas
Pol Capdevila
9:30-10:45hCommunication Gerard Vilar¿Aprender de las catástrofes?
10:45-11:15hCoffee break
11:15-12:15hPresentationElena HillImage Expanded
12:15-13:30hShort PresentationsNausikäa El-Mecky
Isabel Valverde
When art suddenly becomes catastrophic
15h-16:15hCommunicationDaniel Jerónimo TobónTwo ways of imagining animal death
16:30-17:45hCommunicationMiguel BeisteguiReading Hamlet in a Time of Crisis
17:45-18:30Short presentation and discussionKatharina Stadler
Pol Capdevila 

Friday 7th October. Room 40.047C

9:00-10:15hPresentationChristian AlonsoPresentation of the curatorial project entitled Multispecies Imaginaries: The Art of Living in a Contingent, Uncertain World
10:30-11:45hArtist presentationPaula BrunaArt and political ecology. Artistic responses to collapse
12-12:30hCoffee break
12:30-13:45hCommunicationKaren HolmbergThe Nature of contemporary catastrophes and the culture of volcanoes
15:15-16:45PresentationCarlos CasasKrakatoa
16:45-18:30hWorking sessionCristina Astier and Pol Capdevila (assessors recerca)Features and roles in a CREA application for a future research-creative project


12hGuided visit. Museo Picasso Barcelona: Barthélemy Toguo and Las Meninas, by artist Daniela Callejas. Courtesy of MPB
14:30hLunch. Paella at a restaurant in Barceloneta